Ahdy is an online market for digital goods


The STAR, will create the content and price the product


Fans request personalized videos for themselves, loved ones, or everyone


Someone could ask you to sing them a song, wish their mother a happy birthday, or send motivation to someone developing  their music career


It’s up to you to create a video delivering the message in the best way you can


You can upload a video from gallery or access the camera through the app


Your time, your space

Ahdy lets you decide, when, where, and how to fulfill requests


1. View Request Details

2. Record Video Message

3. Get Paid for Making Dreams Come Happen

Fans or potential fans have many ways to find you


1. Featured List: First thing on our homescreen, where the biggest stars shine

2. Search Bar: Fans can search for your name, your category, or your nickname

3. Categories: You can fall under more than one category